Bekki & Alex @ Gildredge Manor

Bekki and Alex @ Gildredge Manor 2nd September 2017


Bekki and Alex’s wedding day at Gildredge Manor was certainly a fun and laughter filled affair!

Our bride was keen to maintain the something blue but broke with tradition when that was a Brighton and Hove Albion football team garter....

After the ceremony Team Hutch donned their customised leather jackets and headed for some cool shots in the beautiful grounds of Gildredge Manor. They even got their fabulous bridesmaids involved too... who knew a sundial could come in so handy? But here at Velvet Storm we do love a natural prop!!

Our couple also decided to take a rest at the bus stop with some of the locals who loved nothing more than sharing in the love of our stunning newlyweds!

You rocked the day Bekki and Alex...and we loved it from start to finish...x